VoS: The Sound of Silence - Are You Listening?

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In today's dynamic business landscape, accurately deciphering and understanding customer feedback is critical. Traditional metrics such as CSAT and NPS often fall short, relying on the voices of those who actively engage while leaving the silent majority in the shadows. This limited understanding results in prolonged resolution times, unaddressed issues, and potential damage to brand reputation.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we tackle this critical challenge head-on. Explore how Glassbox's innovative Voice of the Silent (VoS) solution redefines the way businesses interpret customer feedback using AI algorithms to uncover the true customer sentiment behind visible VoC responses.


  • Shortcomings of conventional VoC methodologies
  • Implications on critical business metrics and product strategies
  • Divergence of Voice of the Silent from traditional approaches
  • VoS insights into CX challenges and their repercussions on all customers

Join us in reshaping the future of customer feedback and discover how you can listen to the sound of your silent customers with Glassbox VoS.

    Eliana Hriczo
    Manager of Journey and Feed LOB

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