Travel booking made simple: Unpacking the User Experience Challenges and Solutions

  • On-demand webinar
For many, the anticipation of an exciting trip is often tainted by the stress of booking it online. Travelers may face a range of frustrating booking experiences, from unclear pricing and confusing search results to hidden fees and technical glitches. These pain points can lead to decreased satisfaction, lost sales, and negative brand perceptions.

Identifying these friction points along customer journeys is a tedious process. Once found, it can take hours, or even days, to investigate, prioritise, and fully resolve each issue. Technical teams are often swamped with support tickets which offer no clue as to the source of the issue or its severity.

In this on-demand webinar, we will explore the 4 digital insights that any online travel agency, airline, or hotel must have in order to efficiently optimise their customer’s booking experience and increase conversion.
    • Identify areas of user struggle - Where are users showing signs of frustration or confusion?
    • Investigate the underlying root cause - Why are they behaving that way? What is broken?
    • Validate the experience impact - How many users have the same issue? How bad is it?
    • Quantify the business outcome - How much conversion or revenue is lost?
Liran Tal
LOB Lead, Performance Analytics

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