When IT Hits the Fan: Tackling Technical Incidents with Style

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Production support teams are critical to ensuring the smooth operation of business systems and customer-facing applications. However, they routinely face a plethora of challenges that end up draining their time, energy and morale. These include managing system complexity, balancing reactive and proactive work, prioritizing an ever-increasing workload, and fostering effective communication and collaboration both internally and with liaising teams.

In this on-demand webinar, we will delve into these challenges and explore strategies for overcoming them. Liran Tal, LOB Lead, Performance Analytics and Voice of Customer at Glassbox will share best practices, real-world examples, and actionable insights to help production support teams optimize their processes and ensure the availability and reliability of critical systems with minimum downtime. Watch to learn how to navigate the challenges of production support and enhance your team's performance.
    Liran Tal
    LOB Lead, Performance Analytics and Voice of Customer

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