Digital customer experience analytics maturity assessment

Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses in the five critical process areas demonstrated by organizations that are successful at reaping the benefits of customer experience analytics.

This survey is intended to be short and focus on a few key aspects. It will assist in evaluating your current customer experience analytics maturity and help drive the discussion that will guide the next steps in your measurement roadmap.

Completing the assessment

  • The assessment will take no more than five minutes to complete.
  • Answer based on your current status, not past or desired state.
  • Once completed you will receive initial recommendations along with a visual representation of your current maturity footprint.

Privacy & confidentiality

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Scope & objective

Team & expertise

Process & methodology

Tools & data

Your results

Digital Customer Experience Analytics
Maturity Level for Outcomes
You You You You You
  • Initial
    Unpredictable, poorly controlled and reactive.
  • Reactive
    Characterized for projects and is often reactive.
  • Defined
    Clearly defined for the organization and proactive measurement.
  • Managed
    Measured and controlled.
  • Optimizing
    Focus on optimization & continuous improvement.

The Governance and Objectives dimensions address the digital strategy, while Team, Process and Technology relates to the ability to deliver value to the organizations.

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Governance: /5

Mature organizations have well-defined, well-communicated roles and responsibilities holding teams and people accountable across the full spectrum of activities required to collect, analyze, and use customer experience data to measure and act on business goals.

    Objectives & Scope: /5

    Mature organizations define very clear business objectives that are measured by structured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed to quantify success or failure. They have spread analysis activities throughout their entire digital ecosystem and are actively leveraging customer experience analytics as an organization-wide program for transformational change.

      Team & Expertise: /5

      Teams in mature organizations include defined roles for technical data-collection, experienced data architects and analysts, as well as empowered business users experienced in data-driven decision-making methodologies.

        Process & Methodology: /5

        Mature organizations leverage formal frameworks across their teams and departments and enable team members to learn and use these frameworks in a continuous improvement workflow throughout the organization.

          Tools & Technology: /5

          Mature organizations use relevant tools and technology to enable high-quality data-collection, intelligent reporting, useful visualizations, and advanced analysis such as statistical modeling or predictive analytics.