Leveraging Data Transparency for the Perfect Customer Experience

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Data uncovers the veil around the necessary tools to provide the agile, automated, personalized, omnichannel experience customers want.

Customers today expect more. A personalized seamless journey is becoming the standard. Hunting the right deal has flipped from the customer’s role, to the provider’s. This trend is increasing further.

This means that if we are to grow customer lifetime value, we need to understand activity, performance and intent in real time. Tune in to find out how our industry leading experts utilize customer data to conceptualize creating frictionless digital journeys that cement customer loyalty and propel growth within the modern customer centric landscape.

Questions include:
    • The industry tends to agree that the landscape is shifting in favor of customer demand. What can we do to stay ahead of this trend, and ensure that we ultimately remain customer centric as expectations surrounding the customer journey increase?
    • What can we do to understand customers at all touch points?
    • What tools can we implement to better serve and retain customers? How can we grow customer lifetime value?
    • How can we grow customer lifetime value as the landscape continues to shift?
Tomasz Kurczyk
Former Chief
Digital and Transformation Officer
Gem Passant
Global Head of Customer Experience
Many Pets
Keith Darter
RVP, Banking and Financial Services

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