5 Key App Optimization Strategies For Financial Institutions

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In today's digital age, mobile apps have become the preferred choice for customers seeking financial services, with approximately 90% of users relying on them to view their account balance, and 97% of millennials embracing this convenient option. To stay competitive, financial institutions must continually optimize their app's user experience (UX).

De’Lon Dixon, Insights Manager at Glassbox, reveals 5 optimization best practices crucial for every financial institution to stay afloat in today’s competitive market. Avoid app deletions, increase customer loyalty, and attract and retain valuable customers by implementing these tips.

Key takeaways
  • Boost user retention by eliminating glitches, crashes, and slow load times
  • Simplify the onboarding process leading to higher user adoption rates
  • Amplify customer engagement through analysis methods that tailors your app to your users' preferences
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    De'Lon Dixon
    Insights Manager

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